Why you should NEVER boost a Facebook post.

Updated: May 25, 2020

Did I use a loud headline to capture your attention? Yes. Is this headline always true? Of course not. However, in 99% of use cases - it is. As social media users, over the past ten years we’ve seen the slow yet progressive crawl of Facebook and all the other colorful logos tactfully optimize their platforms towards one thing: ad revenue. The “Boost” button is a literal example of this.

Facebook Post Boost

Why limit business owners to the mercy of hiring a marketer who would have to learn the ins and outs of the Ads Manager to even be able to place media on the platform, when you could just entice them to blow some money on a few vanity metrics? After weeks of Pavlovian exposure to the shiny blue “Boost” button, any self-respecting businessman/woman would want to show off that shiny new office they just moved into right? They get brand exposure and Facebook makes a few bucks, no one gets hurt here.

Except, they do. Because unless that person happens to be a copywriting master or they somehow managed to have an end-to-end digital sales funnel that could sell milk to a cow, then there’s honestly just no real-world application in ever using that button. Not only are you boiling down Facebook’s robust targeting options, campaign objectives, and reporting to CTA, age, and flight, but you’re essentially throwing money into a pit for the same gratification that you feel everytime you see those Instagram likes roll in. Likes, shares, and engagement don’t generate sales. They certainly don’t put money in your bank. Let’s get back to what matters, your return on investment. Let’s leverage campaign objectives, lookalike audiences, retargeting audiences, and all the behavior and demo features you could dream of. What you want is real traffic generating real results.

lookalike audiences

At L1NEUP ticket sales are our holy grail. Every strategy, tactic, and learning we use is focused towards getting more fans to attend your event. For example: we do “Boost” posts via Ads Manager with all the aforementioned features, this is a tactic best served to gain social proof on an organic post such as when you want to generate hype on an event’s ticket pre-sale announcement. Another use case is driving traffic to your hero video commercial so that engagement stays and trickles down to your own page, thereby increasing followers and building a base of engaged audiences. (Ok our sales pitch is over.) After having countless friends and family tell me that they’ve “advertised on Facebook” with no success, I would hate to see anyone else throw their hard-earned money away and wonder why they’re not seeing any results. Consider learning and utilizing Facebook’s Ads Manager to drive paying consumers to a converting landing page. And if you don’t want to or just don’t have the time - then you know where to find us.