Why You NEED to Utilize YouTube

Updated: May 25, 2020

Today we want to talk about an important video platform: YouTube. YouTube was founded February 14, 2005. It’s over 10 years old and still one of the largest video content platforms around. According to SocialMediaToday, YouTube is the “second most-visited website in the world.” YouTube has such a wide range of uses for content creators from: music videos, comedy shows, DIY guides, recipes, tips, streaming, and more. Vlogging is also a huge component to YouTube. Many musicians use YouTube as a viewing platform for fans to see their music videos, however, YouTube is also a place to connect with fans and give them a deeper look into your brand in hopes to turn them into lifelong fans.

We cannot emphasize enough how important and strong YouTube is as a content and marketing platform. Whether it’s to promote a new release or just putting out relevant content, it’s key to telling your story. Whether you are a label, artist, or manager YouTube should be implemented in your content and paid marketing strategy. Why? Its expansive reach, integrations with 3rd party sites (like Ticketmaster), and it’s discovery algorithm.

YouTube serves as a discovery tool for much of the world. If your video content relates to your audience, YouTube will “recommend” your video to someone based off of interests. If someone is searching for your keywords and your content, YouTube’s algorithm will point them in the right direction, as most people find videos based off their recommended list. That being said, it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to correctly categorize and label your videos in order to maximize your discovery opportunity.

You might ask why we’re so big on YouTube. Well, that’s because they’re paying us to write this...just kidding. Take a look at the infographic below (brought to you by Graphic Rhythm Designs in collaboration with Elite Content Marketer).

To recap the below are some of the important pointers here and that we highly recommend to clients when creating and maintaining a YouTube channel.

  • Create, create, create

  • Consistently put out content to generate engagement

  • Relate your video to the audience you want to target, understand their interests and what they might search. This is MORE important than the video quality itself, believe it or not.

  • Use YouTube analytics to find out what content your viewers engage with the most and what kind of videos generate the most subscribers

  • YouTube tends to favor longer content so share your expertise and don’t try and shorten the content for fear of length. Length is our friend.

If you can find the correct way to utilize this platform (creating consistent quality content and engaging with following), your growth can double, triple, or even quadruple along with your audience reach.

As you can see, we’re very big advocates for a dedicated YouTube strategy at L1NEUP DIGITAL. Whether that is running TrueView ads or creating content for your channel, we can help you from beginning to end, starting with content, engaging users, and promoting your brand.

We don’t bite, unless we haven’t had our morning coffee yet. And we live a digital life, it’s our passion. YouTube is our best friend and should be yours too.