Why Investing in Digital Marketing is Essential to Promoting Your Music

A strategic digital marketing rollout can make any artist or company reach beyond their expectations. Marketing is worth the investment just as your craft is worth your time. For digital marketing to be effective you need to know who you’re targeting. What is the best way to reach that target audience and how can you make them remember what you are promoting. Consumers are always being targeted by something especially with phones in our hands almost 24/7, so catching the consumer’s attention within the first 3 seconds is crucial. Giving them something to remember within the first ten seconds is golden. Proper digital marketing can easily bring potentially returning consumers in big numbers.

Take the Young Jeezy Vs GUCCI MANE stream for example. 2 artists with huge fan bases brought together through creative marketing. The brilliant idea of ending a ten year beef on live stream for millions of viewers broke records. These two ATL established artist brought in a whopping 1.8 million individual viewers, 126.8 million likes, and 7 billion impressions. Leaving them with better ratings than The VMA’S, The Voice, The Billboard Awards, CMA’S, and the Latin Grammys on any given night. With their fan bases already on the internet, it was easy to advertise digitally and reign in new supporters. Crossing one another’s fan bases and creating possibly double the revenue all on a digital platform shows the possibilities of what digital marketing is truly capable of.

Another great example of why digital marketing is king is Bad Bunny’s triumphant year musically. From being on nearly every top Spotify playlist to well-produced theatrical videos and even mobile live performances, there was no escaping Bunny’s marketing scheme. His Spotify streams amassed 8.3 billion streams leading him to become Spotify’s top-streamed artist. This happened due to the combined digital marketing efforts he and his team executed during these crazy times. One of the standout tactics was his live stream performance on a bus across New York bringing awareness to his albums to a massive worldwide audience.

On another note, global TV ad spending went down by almost 5 percent this year, while digital advertising grew by 3 percent. 50% of incremental sales for a given company are brought in by these TV ads. With all these new options instead of cable TV and the decrease in TV ad budgets, companies are forced to transition into mastering a more digital approach. No matter where the ad is or the targeted market the “equation” status is the same, Advertising brings awareness >>Awareness drives Trial >> and Trials = Volume (sales). The internet has become the number one way to build a fanbase or customer base. Interestingly enough big companies and established artists aren't the only ones who can truly capitalize on a strong digital presence. Most startups or new artists usually do this all on their own before big companies are interested. An artist should have already established a market in the digital world where companies would just absorb your market and try to make it bigger within theirs. What becomes “Trends, Fashion or Viral'' are all essentially decided by the people of the internet.

It’s no secret digital marketing is vastly growing and becoming the forefront of promoting. What we see now is different from even ten years ago. The game is changing, and for most of us to survive we must change with it. With the internet nearly reachable to every household it only makes sense to target digital marketing heavier than ever before. Artists have been up to the challenge and shown why an outside the box and well-executed digital marketing strategy is key.