• Nati Hazday

Why adding an animator to your team adds value

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

2020 has put a stop to the live entertainment business, leaving artists with a gap in content. The absence of live performances has also created a new challenge for up and coming artists, who haven’t been able to pair a cohesive stage image that complements their music.

While artists utilize live performance footage as content that can later function as a promo, as well as the unifying factor of sound and image, the COVID era entertainers must become creative with their content until the day they are in front of an audience again. Our suggestion: add an animator to your team.

As music marketers, we know how valuable a visual is for fans. A goal for marketers when a song blows up is that a clear image of the artist is positioned in the minds of fans, which creates a brand identity and career-long following. Animation allows for just that.

Never has animation been as sophisticated as it is right now. As a creative medium, consumers of music aren’t tired of it; marketers can be on the cusp of a rising trend by implementing animation now. Not only does animation facilitate a safe environment to “perform” during these times, but artists can also dive into a creative channel that goes deeper than a traditional music video set. Animators have the capability of building an abstract world for their music with this unique branding opportunity.

Revenue is obviously a goal for artists; a whole new window for creating revenue opens when you add an animator to your team. Animated music videos eliminate the need for expensive sets that are typical of conventional music videos. Through animation, a profitable opportunity emerges. Throughout this global pandemic, YouTube consumption has risen over 15%. Views on YouTube videos contribute to chart position and increase revenue for artists. Beyond that, if an animated version of a fan’s favorite artist becomes popular, a new market for merch also arises.

Additionally, animation immortalizes artists. Posthumous albums have become increasingly popular this year. Mac Miller, Pop Smoke, and Juice WRLD’s labels have all released a 2020 posthumous album. Juice WRLD’s team created an animated persona of the late rapper, while Mac’s used old video footage of the Philly rapper over an animated world. Animated projects prove how an artist can live on through their music thanks to the animators on their team.

In a time where the world seems stagnant, animators can use an infinite amount of creativity to help us escape through music. As marketers, implementing animation is a great way to differentiate yourself and elevate your brand identity. We recommend hiring one today.