What is customer loyalty and why is it important?

Music is a part of our life and all around us even when we don't realize it! Whether we are riding the train, in the car, working out, watching a movie, shopping, and even in elevators: a tune, a note, a word is always with us, subliminally impacting how we feel or recalling a memory!

Music touches our emotional side and because it becomes so personal to us, we create our own special relationship with the artist and with so many platforms to get to our artists we can get to know them on a level that before was not possible. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, just to name a few, all gives us glimpses into artists and allows us into their lives outside of the song. We get to know their personality, fashion, their families and social issues they advocate for. This information makes our connection and loyalty to the artists that touch us with their words stronger than ever, and it is important today’s artists know how to connect with their fans, and responsibly leverage the influence they have to maintain and continue to grow their loyal fanbase.

There are the Selenators, the Beliebers, and so on. But what makes fans stick with that artist is not solely the music, it’s the artist. They relate and communicate to their fans. The best artists know who their fans are, what is important to them and relate to them on a more personal level. They create songs that impact the struggles they might be having and even celebrate wins with them. AND then they take it to the next level and allow them into their lives and share their similar struggle and wins. This creates loyalty and a following that is hard to break over time.

Think about an artist you are loyal to.

What immediately comes to mind? Their personality and their music: what they stand for.

Musicals like Hamilton, bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles had/have such a loyal following and they still do, to this day. They did this with their music, their authenticity, and their loyalty to their fans. They tell their truth and their story and let us in (the audience) in.

Think of Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift. They, too, have such a strong following because they let us into their life and make us feel like we can relate. They use social media platforms to talk to their fans and explain things that have happened to them, or things they write about in their songs. This brings in the personal factor that makes fans fall in love with their artists and their music. We all want something that speaks to us. Social media is a vast tool that artists should be taking advantage of to further engage and explain the meaning behind what they produce. This is how they will keep their fans loyal and engaged.

Now…what artist would you NEVER want to listen to? What comes to mind? Your shoulders are in your ears right now aren’t they? You need a long yoga class to relax.

It’s normally the ones who are rude, ungrateful, and have no purpose to their messaging. People who don’t have talent and people that you don’t want to support.

Interactions and simple communications make all the difference between loyal customers and one hit wonders. Customers want to be valued. They want to feel like they know you. They want to know they are valued by you, you respect them, and they are heard. They want to know their music is connecting with you and somehow making an impact on your life. That is the best feeling a musician can ask for.

How is this done? In so many ways:

  • Quick response and resolution to their messages

  • Understanding any conflict that arises from THEIR point of view and addressing it.

  • Value for what they are paying for. You don’t need to be the cheapest game in town, but you need to be the best at listening and delivering on your tour and music prices.

  • Communication and transparency.

Unfortunately, with this life, comes transparency and PR. Your life and your personality are part of what makes you believable as an artist and trustworthy.

When a client comes to us, we not only give them the best marketing tools available, we show them how to support their potential clients. What makes people trust you over other businesses? The personal factor: trust.

However, it’s not that easy - let’s discuss all the items that go into it. With every brand, you need a personal investment. That’s why it’s very important to know your target audience: is it young kids, is it boomers? Of course, every artist wants the whole population to buy their product, but it just doesn’t work that way. You need to really think about who will be interested in your product and how you can gain, not only their interest, but also their heart. This is the strength of your brand as an artist.

Prove to your customers that you are trust-worthy and your music represents you and you gain their trust. And with their trust, comes your reputation. Word-of-mouth is a huge marketing factor in the consumer world. And by word-of-mouth, we also mean online reviews. THIS will be how you get future prospects to your brand. A great example of someone who has gone through the ringer and come out on top by ADDRESSING it is: Taylor Swift.

Value of price, trustworthy personality, amazing beats, and a great attitude? Not only will this bring future prospects, BUT guess what? This will gain love and loyalty for you and your brand, as well as bring re-purchasing from the same clientele.

All of this combined will increase overall satisfaction for your music.

The first place to start is awareness and traffic. With so many social platforms, it’s making it easier to get noticed; such as TikTok and Spotify. Then you want to engage (call-to-action) as to why people should listen to you (your credibility), then you want to close the sale (their respect). After all this, you want to encourage customers to return.

This article is meant to teach some basic rules of customer loyalty, however, L1NEUP DIGITAL is here to help.

This is what we do. Come to us with your artist, tour, event or business and let’s start a conversation on how we can help you build up your awareness and loyalty.