• Ross Gassman

Twitter: The New Place for Video Content Marketing

We always have the latest trends in for you and we aren’t about to let you down now. Lately, we have seen a shift in advertising. We’ve talked about seeing more users look to digital advertising but even more than that, people are now open to looking at different types of advertising platforms. As our consumers are getting younger (30 and younger) and spending most of their time on their phone, it’s not a big surprise that our audience will be found on social media. And as quarantine restrictions start lessening and places begin to open back up, advertisers have seen an overcrowded advertising space now shift and move towards Twitter.

Twitter has always been a reliable source of finding out what’s happening in real-time. People treat Twitter, possibly just as seriously, as they do the news. Twitters users were tested on ad recall versus other platforms and found there was an increased recall rate when ads were shown on Twitter. And what has shown to have the most engagement on Twitter? Their premium video content. Now, Twitter is using their premium video channel to center together communities of people. Twitter is now working with sports networks, house & magazine, and more to deliver one of a kind content that brands of all kinds can connect and engage with. Their premium video has over 200 premium video publishers and over 800 hours of live streamlining video content. The cool thing about Twitter is you hear people’s perspective. All brands and celebrities use their personality to voice their opinions more on Twitter than other social media platforms.

In such an uncertain time with everything closing, people are looking for answers and content they can trust, and they’re all headed to their beloved social news source: Twitter. Everyone wants to make sure they have the latest news. Twitter has become a central hub for everyone.

Some stats to prove our point even more:

In 2020, according to the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), premium video content accounted for two-thirds (66 percent) of the top 10 Twitter trending topics at night, with ad-supported TV accounting for over half of all topics.

Over 70 percent of people use their phone for social media when watching TV.

Another statistic you should know is that 73 percent of people consider Twitter their preferred platform when watching video content or TV, according to a DB5 report on TV segmentation. Numbers don’t lie. Since the demand for video content is skyrocketing, one avenue to seriously look at is Twitter.

One thing is for sure, creative content and video content are on the rise and the audience is on social media. Combine all three and you’re set.