• Nati Hazday

Top Music Analytics Tools: Unlock the Power of Big Data for Market Intelligence

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Salient market intelligence improves the decision making strategies of a marketer, as well as providing deeper insight of their market As music marketer’s, the most important research tools gather analytics of streaming, video, and sales platforms. The different tools we recommend will assist artists and industry experts interpret their position in the music market.

Proprietary tools

Most major streaming services provide built-in analytic tools, they contain critical data on the artist’s audience’s demographics, and location. First-party streaming data is platform-specific by nature. These tools are useful for anyone in the industry, and a great place to start utilizing big data essential for developing artists. Here is the break-down of our suggestions:

Spotify for Artists/Apple Music for Artists

  • Original and first-hand data on followers/listeners, streams/saves/favorites, playlist additions, and audience demo

  • Free

  • Data can assist in picking singles, run campaigns, and route your next tour.

Youtube Charts

  • YouTube is the most widely online platform used by adults

  • Video view count determines artist position on charts

  • Aides in music promotion and fan engagement

  • 47% of all on-demand music consumption happens on the platform

Google Analytics

  • Track traffic to all tagged pages that you promote on

  • Data can help determine amount of outreach needed to grow followers/listeners

  • Feature for digital media managers Google Analytic Teams, linking analytics and ads which allows for the deepest insight to clearly understand campaign performance.

  • Follow the steps in this link to set up your Google Analytics account and grow your market intelligence

Google Trends and Alerts

  • Free

  • Customize alerts through search filters that Google sends anytime someone mentions your song/artist/ect.; through a variety of methods

  • Google trends filters out recent searches to provide the most accurate information on the keywords you search

  • Talk waler supplements to mentions that Google Alerts may miss

  • Jesse Cannon from Musformation, our first guest on our podcast, talks about how artists can use google alerts to differentiate themselves in the market.


  • Twitter application

  • Identifies everyone that is writing about you or mentioning your name on twitter

  • Allows for the identification of potential fans and opens the channel for a genuine connection

Third Party Market Intelligence Tools

For more advanced insights third-party marketing tools provide a more diverse data set. These are two analytics tools that are perfect for refining your market intelligence.


  • Measure growth on all social and streaming platforms

  • Monitor tracks, albums, concert data, sync placements, streaming and social KPIs, chart performance, audience demographics, and much more

  • Semi-annual report of music industry trends using data based on cross-platform performance

  • Thought leaders for breakthrough artists and industry trends reflected by big-data. Their most recent report highlights the rise in popularity of remixes due to their popularity on Tik-Tok as well as its power to generate growth on other platforms

  • Offers insight on the influence of music synchronization on streaming platforms like Netflix.


  • Great alternative to Chartmetric

  • Data Sources: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Shazam, SoundCloud, Radio, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Songkick, Deezer,

  • Socials, Charts, Playlists & Airplay data in a single dashboard

  • Real-time data from over 8,800 charts and millions of playlists


  • Dedicated account managing software

  • Integrate preferred targeting and affiliate programs

  • Assists in building audiences and as well as creating passive revenue streams

  • API technology

Next Big Sounds

  • Artists and marketer can use this analytic tool using Pandora in understanding performance, audiences, and streamline strategy

  • Connecting to Pandora AMP opens channels that track where there is market growth across the US

  • Promote music on Pandora, the most popular online radio platform

Market intelligence is important for any artist or team looking to better understand their consumer base, competing artists, and market trends. As the paradigm for music consumption has shifted to streaming and social platforms, big data is the most important tool marketers can utilize. Begin implementing these tools today and gather market intelligence across platforms.