TikTok tests "shop now" feature

Updated: May 25, 2020

Don’t worry, we got the tea for you and if you were wondering, TikTok is here to stay. and they are not stopping anytime soon…

Every popular social platform is starting to have more and more shopping ads, if they haven’t done so already. They are constantly figuring out ways to help consumers and help businesses target each other for the ultimate consumer experience. They are trying to find the best ways of understanding consumer behaviors and how best to find their needs. Snapchat has been trying out new ways to advertise to potential consumers, Pinterest has its own personalized ads based off of consumer patterns, Instagram also tracks and follows liked images, and now TikTok is joining this curve of shoppable ads. These direct connections they're allowing between brands and influencers are a game changer.

TikTok is introducing a new feature to their ever evolving platform. It’s currently in the Beta testing phase and is only open to a select, few influencers in the U.S.. According to DIGIDAY, TikTok “links advertisers to its prominent influencers to let those creators display a prominent call-to-action button in their videos, according to people familiar with the matter. The ad revenue will be split between TikTok and the influencer.”

This will create a cohesive and prosperous relationship between influencer and digital platform. Through this testing phase, they will be testing the advertising performance with their marketplace to see how well they can match interest, branding, and response rate. With strong branding and a creative CTA, users can produce ads that have potential to target their exact demographic.

Brands such as Levi have already started partnering with TikTok and we have a strong feeling a lot more brands are going to want to capitalize early as the platform matures into new revenue streams. Influencers would go to YouTube as a huge revenue source as they could make profit from their content. TikTok’s new feature will be extremely valuable for influencers to easily show off their product, as influencers can now add clickable hyperlinks in bios and e-commerce links directly in posts. Followers will be directed straight to the store. It’s quick, convenient, and user-friendly. The shopper will never have to leave the app. TikTok is providing retailers a whole new platform and a novel way for retailers to market their product in a creative way to a wide demographic.

YouTube has done so well over the years due to its users’ consistent video content creation and the communities they form around it. TikTok has a good mixture of YouTube’s video features while also allowing for creative branding socially. Now it has the potential to be a branding, social platform and an e-commerce network.

Say goodbye to any other digital platforms currently competing for the spotlight as we’re predicting a surge in TikTok’s already huge popularity.