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  • Andy Torres-Lopez

The Kid LAROI - F*CK LOVE 3: Revisited

The Kid LAROI’s debut mixtape F*CK LOVE is making major waves thanks to a well-thought-out marketing rollout by Columbia Records. Here’s our analysis of what worked especially well.

1. Distributing for TikTok

To maximize the lead single's potential for virality, Columbia Records distributed 8 different versions of "STAY" onto TikTok, not including versions of the song that The Kid LAROI uploaded himself.

By having multiple TikTok sounds start at different points of the same song, creators can get "STAY" trending in more ways than one.

2. The "Waterfall" effect

F*CK LOVE 3 and F*CK LOVE 3+ arrived to streaming services days apart, but were packaged together along with the trilogy's previous installments through the "waterfall" strategy.

Bringing new releases and older releases together allows fans to dive into an artist's catalog, and experience new drops in context.

3. Promo with partners

A few days after the project's release, The Kid LAROI performed at GrubHub's virtual concert series, Sound Bites . GrubHub users were sent push notifications notifying them of the stream, which they could view on GrubHub, Wendy's, and The Kid LAROI's social media channels.

4. Keeping good company

A big part of The Kid LAROI's rise has been the company he keeps. The artist's earliest fans know him as Juice WRLD's mentee, and just last month, The Kid LAROI became the newest addition to Scooter Braun's star-studded roster.

5. Framing it right

Despite expanding the full project to 35 songs, The Kid LAROI's team is making sure we know it's not his "debut album." Framing the project as a mixtape amplifies its success, and clues us into much bigger things to come.

What did you think of the project's rollout? Get in touch and let us know! And while you're at it, follow us for more breakdowns of our favorite album rollouts.

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