Spotify & Facebook Are Adding Videos To Their Platform And YouTube Couldn’t Be Bothered

Fun Fact: YouTube is the second largest search engine and is the largest discovery platform for the music industry.

Recent news has broken out about Spotify and Facebook adding music videos to their platform. The chitter chatter is that Spotify and Facebook are YouTube’s new competitors, but that’s all it is.

Spotify requires a song to go through distribution before it can be published on their streaming platform. This is why it isn’t so easy to find your favorite songs that are on YouTube, on Spotify. Especially if the artist has a love for their fans and releases “originals” before the refurbished version of the song is out for sale.

Since Facebook is only considering posting official music videos on Artists’ page, there’s a lack of discography for the songs without an official music video. This is similar to Spotify’s lag from their distribution process. Most of all, how can these new music video platforms recreate an artist’s journey without their blueprints?

YouTube gives artists the freedom to express their music effortlessly. Sometimes a musician will create a live stream of their newest single in an acoustic style just to say thank you to their fans. Acoustic melodies are their own and that sort of on-the-spot authenticity cannot be replicated.

Another form of serendipity that YouTube services provide for their artists is the ability to vlog their exclusive backstage and fleeting tour experiences. Every artist knows that their live events are a fanbase and to be able to give back to their fans while simultaneously performing for them is a very gratifying feeling.

Notable artists will be found on YouTube serving all their hits from teasers to early banger releases. The flexibility YouTube creates gives the music industry a greater opportunity to collaborate with one another and to bring us all together with new music at our fingertips fast.

Spotify has a long road ahead of them to be considered a legit competitor of YouTube in the video space but the streaming platform has taken the music streaming industry by storm over the past few years. Considering their history of creative marketing efforts and the utilization of their consumer data, they’ll certainly be giving YouTube a run for the money. Competition is good and it will be interesting to see what’s to come.