Spotify Confirmed Virtual Events Listing Feature

Earlier today, Spotify released a statement confirming their newest feature - “all Spotify listeners will be able to find virtual events listings on artist profiles and in the Concerts hub. 

Mobile Spotify app users could now access this feature by going through “search” and scroll to the “concerts” section to view a list of upcoming events.  

In my previous post, I talked about Spotify’s partnership with Songkick that allowed artists the choice to list upcoming concerts and events on their personal pages. This new feature would focus on “virtual events”, the industry’s solution to concert restrictions due to our global pandemic. 

As long as the events are registered through Songkick or Ticketmaster and the virtual event could be streamed on multiple platforms - Twitch, Instagram Live, Youtube Live, or a hosted website. 

     As shown in both screenshots, Spotify users could now purchase tickets for events just by tapping on “find tickets” and it’ll redirect you to the ticket vendor’s website.  

Aside from Amazon’s recent update to include Twitch subscription into Prime membership, I’d say Spotify’s decision to tap into the virtual events industry poses a huge change in the scope of music streaming services and platforms. Going forward, I am excited to see how these companies advance and compete with each other!