Spotify adds new blocking feature

Ever wish you can just block out an artist? We all have at least one artist we believe to be overrated, overplayed and who just don’t add to our good mood and positive vibes. Now that you have that one artist in mind, Spotify is doing you a favor and making it so you never have to hear from them again.

A new feature introduced by Spotify may not be what you expected. They are now actually giving you the ability to not listen to music. A new block feature on the app gives users the opportunity to mute artists they don’t want to hear from. While Spotify's algorithm tries its best to give you artists and songs most similar to what you’re used to listening to, we all have those few songs and artists that we almost always skip. This feature will give users the opportunity to block an entire artist from playing. This means their songs will never play from a library, playlist, chart list or even radio stations brought to you by Spotify.

The idea was first brought to Spotify in 2017, after a user thread appeared requesting they add the block feature. Spotify held their own in the matter and after serious consideration they decided not to offer the feature. Now due to celebrity scandals, and users feeling very strongly about boycotting some artists, Spotify went back on the decision and decided to add the feature. It is unclear if this feature will garner more users for Spotify but it is an extra step into giving users the ability to truly personalize their listening experience.

The process of blocking an artist is simple. Go to the artists Spotify profile, click the ellipsis in the right corner or next to their name and click “Don’t play this artist” and you’re done. Although it does not work on songs an individual artist is featured on, it will still block any song by that artist on any and all playlists. You can also unblock artists at any time simply by going back to their profile and clicking “Allow to play this artist.”

The blocking also syncs to other devices you are logged into with your Spotify account. There are many reasons as to why this feature may be the thing you didn’t know you needed. This may make it so you don’t have to continuously take out and unlock your phone just to skip a song; or having to stop the music in the middle of a party just to find a song you all actually want to listen to. This long overdue feature is the next step Spotify has taken into making your music listening experience that much more personal and intimate.

Although this is good for Spotify users, this feature is definitely one artists may need to watch out for. It is no telling if other streaming platforms such as Apple music, Pandora or Tidal will follow in these footsteps and allow this feature but it may be one to consider. Let us know if you have an artist you have blocked or if you don’t see yourself using the feature.