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Political Activism Campaigns By Artists Help Raise Funds Through Music While Raising Awareness

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Elections are right around the corner this coming November. The music industry is filled with artists that use their voice for those who cannot be heard. Amicably, these 58 artists are coming together to raise awareness of election day and the significance of voting. Their compilation aims to highlight just how important the 2020 election is to American citizens.

Just recently, 58 Indie artists collaborated with Bandcamp to create an album called “Talk - Action = Zero Vol. 2” and we are all here for it. It is curated and organized by Bank Robber Music and Rough Trade Publishing. The first volume of the Talk — Action = Zero album paid tribute to victims of police brutality where all proceeds went to benefit the Black Visions Collective.

“Music has always been critical for every moment, and at this moment, we need great music that inspires us to stand up for our democracy more than ever” - Spread the Vote founder Kat Calvin on working with Bank Robber Music. Their project features high-profile Indie artists and all proceeds will be donated to Spread the Vote.

Campaign Series

The series of political activism through their album volumes is only available through Bandcamp. This gate-keeping strategy drives consumers to a single platform, which can provide conclusive data from a single output for future campaigns. A campaign series also allows to build branding with the « Talk - Action = Zero » staple being recognized as volumes of social justice.

Exclusive Content

Listeners are incentivized by 45 unreleased songs on the album; It's the combination of the exclusive content + the fact that their money will be contributing to charity is what motivates them. By leveraging your platform with other artists, you can help connect with fans and attract new audiences, which can grow your fanbase.

Founders Alliance

It is imperative to demonstrate that Bandcampitself has their own means of funding charity. The company recently announced #BandCampFriday, in which 100% of its share of sales went to the NAACP to fight for racial justice. While maintaining internal charitable affairs, forming strong business relations with other founders through collaborative projects builds reputability.

NIVA & YouTube

A similar example would be YouTube Music‘s partnership with National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) to help private venues struggling to stay afloat during this pandemic. Their partnership means working together to bring live performances back to venues safely. YouTube is using their platform to help raise awareness and funding for NIVA’s Emergency Relief Fund.


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