Opinion: The digital marketer is the next promoter.

Updated: May 25, 2020

With digital technology permeating into every sector of our lives from how we communicate, do business, help others, etc… It’s no surprise that marketing is becoming more and more synonymous with digital. As entertainment professionals, we’ve seen the transition of our advertising dollars move from direct, radio, and TV to more tangible platforms such as social media, search engines, and the various streaming platforms. We’ve heard the same questions countless times from event professionals: how can we more effectively reach our audiences and get people to go to our events? There’s no secret here: natively get in front of your audiences on the channels they use the most; Then make sure they see your messaging on all their other digital touchpoints. In the business of selling experiences, your offer should be the easy part as you’re usually selling your artist’s brand - Now use that to target their fans and penetrate similar untapped audiences. Be creative, know the culture of that audience, and most importantly NEVER boost a Facebook post.

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Promoters are salesmen who know their audiences and the culture of their local event markets. They are the personification of short-form marketing, just as we represent the end-to-end consumer sales cycle. As we’re seeing happen in real time, digital technology is rapidly becoming more and more equipped to create these audience profiles, target them, and similar consumers via lookalike audiences. In the end, party goers just want to have a good time and if technology makes it easier for them to buy their tickets or secure a table, then they will follow the path of least resistance. Now we’re not taking jabs at promoters as we were once selling tables too, we’re just nightlife enthusiasts watching the industry transform in real time. In order to stay ahead of the curve we’ve dedicated ourselves to being on the frontlines of this digital renaissance, learning the ins and outs of campaign management on every major social media platform, cumulating tactics and tricks to cross-promote on streaming platforms, crawling over the most efficient keywords to bid over, the right descriptors to enhance our SEO, and watching endless hours of ‘experts’ argue for one method of optimization over another.

Maybe in a few years you’ll see your promoter in the club, hunched over his VIP table on his laptop making sure his campaigns are spending. And then he’ll look up and call you over for that celebratory vodka cran the hostess just poured. 🍹

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