• Ross Gassman

Not sure how to promote your upcoming song?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Below we'll sum it up for you with some tasks that us at L1NEUP generally follow when helping artists promote their new singles.


  1. Review examples of other artist and/or Spotify & Apple Music ads through Facebook Ad Library

  2. Create linkfire landing page or embed to artist website

  3. Data collection: use pixels everywhere possible (Linkfire landing page, website, etc.) and email capture


  1. Music video Canvas for Spotify 15 second edits of song & visuals (animation or video)

  2. Square & IG Story "saludos" of artist with song in background (6 seconds & 15 seconds) i.e. “Hey guys, I’m excited to finally be releasing my new track… click to stream it now!”

  3. Carousel cards (example: In order in story telling format... Card 1: Album cover Card 2: saludos with song in background “click here to listen now or swipe next to watch the music video” Card 3: music video sample)


  1. Facebook/Instagram Ads (generally target ‘all platforms’ for older artists and only ‘Instagram’ for younger

  2. YouTube In-Stream Ads (skippable in-stream ads play before, during, or after other videos. After 5 seconds, the viewer has an option to skip the ad.)

  3. YouTube Bumper Ads (bumper ads are 6 seconds (or shorter) and play before, during, or after another video. Viewers don't have the option to skip the ad.)

  4. YouTube Discovery Ads (video discovery ads consist of a thumbnail image from your video with some text. While the exact size and appearance of the ad may vary depending on where it appears, video discovery ads always invite people to click to watch the video. The video then plays on the YouTube watch or channel page.)

  5. Spotify Ads (audio to have song play for 5-6 seconds prior to artist saludos coming in so that people think it’s the next song without thinking it’s an ad from the beginning.) 

  6. Extras (TikTok, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google Display)


  1. Email pre-save link to email list subscribers week before release (include a "saludos" from artist to personalize the email)

  2. Email on release day with links to stream/watch


  1. Reskin social channels

  2. Live streaming as soon as song drops

  3. Q&As


  1. Streams

  2. Spotify followers

  3. Playlist adds

  4. Youtube views

  5. Media Impressions- paid & earned

  6. Press/blogs

  7. Social engagement and overall responses