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  • Nati Hazday

Make Your Album Release Interactive

A break-out hit record is the goal of every artist and their marketing team. Before the global pandemic, this was already hard enough. However, creativity and necessity has driven artists to go all in on their digital experience. The most effective strategy to promote an album in this Covid and post-Covid world is creating an interactive experience for fans.

Engagement with an audience creates a positive brand experience and develops meaningful relationships between current and potential fans. This has been a known marketing strategy when it comes to social media brand building. Engaging with fans through an interactive music experience creates a lasting impression, one that cannot simply be scrolled through.

The first step should always be to target your audience. This means analyze your data, utilizing top music analytic tools. This will give marketers and an artist a starting point for where to grow and the smartest avenue to start engagement with. It’s important to know your audience; the sort of language, tone, and resources that resonate with fans are likely going to be different for every artist.

Now that you have a target group that your team has identified through the power of big data, it is time to create a stand-out and unique experience for your target audience. This is extremely important in the world of hyper-competitive streaming platforms. Creating an interactive experience will formulate fans to become megaphones for your brand. Using the magic of technology these are my top favorite tools to making your digital album release an interactive one:

Web 3.0: create and immersive online experiences that include 3D objects and 360° spaces

Augmented reality: filters that can be created for Instagram or Snapchat for fans on social media platforms. Fans can put them on their face and create a chain of advertising to their social media circle, tapping into possible new channels.

Virtual reality: super fans who have VR headsets can experience a curated VIP behind-the-scenes experience

Personalize: include personal details while communicating with fans, such as ads that speak directly to fans using their name or using a fan's name in the subject/body of an email

Gamify: music videos that the fan helps shape the story. Think the Black Mirror movie, where watchers used their remote to choose how characters would change the story’s narrative through the audience's selections.

Great examples of interactive music marketing campaigns are:

Fortnite via Twitter

Via Instagram

Malik’s -- Spectrum Demo

Via Instagram

It's evident through these examples that the biggest names in music are already shaping their brands with better digital storytelling and interactive content. Interactive experiences have the potential to elevate your entire music marketing strategy, while improving the analytics of your music marketing reach through the most innovative ways.

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