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L1NEUP announces a new affiliation with

We are happy to introduce our latest update and affiliation with, a company committed to helping artists get discovered in today’s music landscape. Aligned with the same principles and goals as L1NEUP DIGITAL, was created because they believe every artist should have the chance to let their music be heard by all audiences. It’s our responsibility to bring artists the best marketing tools out there and help leverage them to grow their fanbases. has a team of experts who specialize in data analytics, and content discovery for all-in-one marketing solutions to get more fans, boost streams, and grow artists’ sales. By working with the platform, we’ll be able to help artists market smarter and not harder by having access to the best tools used by the music industry’s top company, labels, and distributors.

With the struggles of those in the music industry in mind, set out to create a platform where they could share, promote, and analyze every music release and maximize the results. We are committed to any client of ours who wants their efforts showcased and don’t know how to maximize their full potential, we’re here to help. Capabilities

  • Pre-Saves

  • Smart Links

  • Self-Serve Advertising

  • Audience Collection

  • Action Pages

At L1NEUP we believe it’s important to have a marketing checklist. With the new features given to us through we can maximize our clients potential and exposure and make sure they reach the right audiences. One tool is language and territory management, this tool works to target and control fan experiences based on their surrounding territory and languages based off of user data. Another tool is consolidating data. Data, in the music industry today is vital to any progress being made when marketing artists. festivals or concerts. The ability to access real-time ad analytics and fan relationship insights is HUGE! These features and many more will create a holistic experience for any artist looking to give their music a leg up.

With the technology that offers and the insight and experience that we’ve worked to achieve, we understand what it takes to create effective digital marketing campaigns and how to capitalize on them. This collaboration is focused on delivering results and placing media that optimizes for the right message and time based on data analytics and looking to the future.

Sign up through our link here and receive $10 credit on your account instantly!

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