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  • Ross Gassman

Is SEO Still Worth It?

Search Engine Optimization, making it easy for your audiences to find you in a Google search, is becoming more and more difficult. Google regularly updates their search algorithm, and many “secrets” and setups are now outdated. SEO can be a lot of work.

The good news is – It’s still worthwhile! Here are reasons why artists, labels, and promoters would want great SEO:

- You spend money on Google Ads. Google gives each advertising campaign a “Quality Score”, which affects how much it costs to advertise. The Quality Score is made up of many factors, including the webpage being linked. Having great SEO can lower the cost of your ad campaigns.

- You’re playing the long-game. SEO can take time, but the reward is brand visibility and trust. Appearing early creates recognition to people searching for their favorite artists. They’ll be more likely to trust you, and return if they like what they see.

- Harnessing uniqueness. Are the people on your site the same people who’d be most interested? Every artist or company is different, and it’s important to establish yourself as such. SEO helps your niche find you, so you can promote to audiences who are more likely to be interested.

SEO is worth the effort for many, but not everyone. Give us a shout if you think it might make sense for you!

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