Instagram and AR: The Ultimate Creator Combination

We now live in a world where interactive experiences are everything. The days of linear communication are over. The key to connecting is by engaging and interacting with the end-user. Luckily, it’s easier than ever now to do so.

We’re sure by now you’re all familiar with the AR capabilities on Instagram but you might not be familiar with how these are created. Spark AR is the augmented reality platform which allows anyone (even with the slightest of knowledge) to create special AR effects for Instagram.

In recent news, Spark AR recently expanded their capabilities enabling creators to introduce new ways to feature music into their AR experiences. Although this may seem like an “expected” feature, this is a BIG advancement and feature that we believe is just the tip of the iceberg of a long bonafide relationship between AR and music.

If you haven’t gotten onboard with AR, now’s the time to do so.

What exactly does this feature do you might ask? Well users can now put together creative new ways to add music and media to AR experiences to capture your audience’s attention and make your work more personalized. These AR effects will respond, move, and play in sync with music. You can even add AR effects to previously taken photos and videos giving people new ways to use AR effects to express themselves and reclaim meaningful or otherwise missed moments.

This feature is a marketer's dream as it becomes an endless supply of user-generated content.

Think about the possibilities where you can utilize this and what affect it could have on your fanbase or future audience. These effects enable users to be promoters of your work. In addition, the fact that it’s an interactive experience deepens the connection between the user and you.

How could you implement this you might ask? Here’s a few examples we’ve thought of:

  1. Music Releases- give fans the opportunity to create their own mini music videos by utilizing visual elements from the song release

  2. Festivals- place people at the most iconic photo spot at your festival through previous uploaded photos using the green screen-style effect

  3. Artists- Similar to TikTok, create a hashtag challenge showing fans how you want them to utilize the effect

We’re certain that you and your audiences will benefit from this new feature and we do believe that this is just the beginning of many interactive experiences that will be expected from you by your fans. So go on: morph, design, create away, and as always, stay on top of things.

If you need us, we’ll be busy incorporating music with AR (as you should be too).

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