• Nati Hazday

How to Take Advantage of Spotify’s New Audio Experience

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

As an artist or music marketer, exposure and connection are the ingredients to a committed and broad fan base. Music marketers and creators must keep fans engaged while tapping into new channels to promote through; digitizing experiences has become their golden ticket. In the environment of cancelled tours and live events,  interactive releases are what keeps an artist's fan base engaged and image intact for the day that we can all congregate in the name of live music again. 

Spotify has added a new listening experience to their streaming platform that brings together music and spoken-word content in an elegant and easy package. The new feature incorporates music into podcasts, allowing full songs and talk commentary to live as one in a show. With this new feature, artist’s and their marketing team have even more ways to connect their music to fans (and future fans). A blend of music and commentary whenever and wherever you want, creates a new interactive component to releasing music. 

The listener's ability to interact with the music within a podcast episode makes this new audio experience an attractive marketing tool. Without ever having to leave the episode page they can interact by liking, saving, and reading more information about a track, forming a much more lasting connection between fan and artist. 

Creators have a unique opportunity to highlight the music they love. Spotify is also making it possible for anyone to create their own podcasts, granting the environment for these new shows to exist through Anchor.  This specific feature of content creation allows for a spoken word documentary about new albums, never before stories about old shows, or a DIY radio experience that can become a hub for a curated music experience. The possibilities are really only limited by one’s own creative abilities. Liz Gateley, Spotify’s head of network programming, believes that “this is going to be another tool for creators to unlock their passion for storytelling.” 

In the post-covid world, we are seeing more and more artists utilize creativity to promote themselves in new ways. The name of the game for big names like Glass Animals to promote new music and digital shows, has been the marriage of storytelling and interacting with fans. Every Thursday, via Instagram, the band tells the story behind one song off their new album and answer’s questions that come directly from their fans. Their storytelling is perfect for a podcast show, where they can include a full version of their song that fans can interact with directly through Spotify. These podcast’s are an enhanced music playlist, allowing the creator to add commentary between the songs and a new platform to promote an album release.  The reach that these podcast’s can achieve because of Spotify’s platform is impressive. Spotify reported 299 million total users, including 138 million premium subscribers, across 92 markets. 

Remember, the new name of the game is keep it fun and keep it interactive. Spotify’s new blend of podcast and playlist facilitates just that.