How to Promote Yourself via SoundCloud

The most important aspect of marketing yourself as an artist is knowing your audience and how that community listens to music. If SoundCloud is not the place to find your community which supports you, then don’t target that platform.

However, if SoundCloud is where your fans congregate, we have some tips on how to promote yourself and grow your audience. With 20 million music creators on the platform, it can be challenging to navigate through the noise in order to reach their 76 million monthly users.

Necessary spillover from other platforms provides an effective promotional strategy. Upload your music on SoundCloud, create an image on Instagram, upload videos on Youtube, and engage with your fans on Twitter. This cross-platform strategy means that each new listener that clicks follow on one platform, is more likely to follow you on another.

Using SoundCloud analytics allows you to check out your demographics. Their first-party analytics allow you to access data that reveals how your music performs, and who your audience is. This is key for understanding your fans, and knowing how to target a release, as well as optimizing your marketing strategy.

Changing settings on the platform are some of the easiest and most effective ways to grow yourself on SoundCloud. For example, in settings, change your content to stream only. This deters your listeners from downloading your songs, preventing your music from popping up across the internet, and boosting your stream counts. Next, I would consider adding content behind the paywall. One strategy: release your singles leading up to a full-length project so they are freely available on the app for listeners, and then preview the whole project once it's released.

SoundCloud Pro is another upgrade found in settings that goes beyond the standard abilities. They provide useful tools with this update. If you’re serious about the application and know that this is where to target your listening community, SoundCloud Pro includes improved analytics and an opportunity to monetize on your uploads.

Collaborate! The music industry thrives and survives on collaborations, and the same goes for SoundCloud artists. Features are the oldest trick in the book because they work. If you produce, offer your beats to a rapper or singer that has a large following on the platform. If you’re not a producer, reach out to other artists about creating a song feature. This helps flow listeners to both parties involved.

One thing I you should NOT do that artists on SoundCloud do is making your titles difficult to search, or their profile difficult to distinguish from other creators. Make your tags and titles clear in order to streamline the SEO.

SoundCloud just released a new feature that boosts leadership and allows for better recognition on the platform by introducing verified profiles. To help well-known artists standout, acquiring a checkmark is imperative. To apply, click the “request verification” option on your desktop, and then sit for a response (this process can take up to 30 days). A checkmark will help navigate through any fan accounts that may have a misleading profile which attracts fans to the wrong artist.

These tips are useful for anyone who wants to grow themselves as an artist on SoundCloud. However, they’re a waste of time if your community doesn’t use the app. For example, “SoundCloud Rapper” has almost become a genre in today’s music world. Artists that fit that description are going to have more success using this platform and seeing these tips payoff. An Indie-folk band will most likely not see the same results. Perfect your sound, know your audience, and target that community.