How To Plan A Virtual Album Release Party

This is the best time to treat your fanbase with the new authentic songs that they crave from their favorite artists. Taylor Swift released an entire album just last week. Soundcloud already got all their fans involved for an online meet and greet while streaming their new album for BLM on twitch. The pandemic is no obstacle for the music industry. Let’s get started on how to plan a virtual album release party.

Promotion: Ask your fans what they want to see. Take a quick poll from the artist’s IG story. Do they want a live streamed performance or an intimate sing-a-long in a local cafe? Get as creative as you can and don’t forget to post the date everywhere. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Presave: Post the pre-save link to the album on all social platforms. Make sure your team does the same! is an essential tool that can be used for both creating pre-save links, tracking engagement, and building custom audience to later remarket to.

  • Merch: Don’t forget to make your own merch that gives a good feel for the new album. Sales from the artist’s merchandise can increase engagement when the consumer posts about it on their social media. Even by simply wearing the clothing of the artist, their team, or their fans can bring its own exposure offline. Also, you can team up with Merchbar to promote merchandise on your Spotify account. Instagram allows you to add your merchandise shop to your profile. Twitch streams have an option to put your merchandise link at the bottom of your livestream. See here for our article on merch without concerts. 

  • Giveaways: Influencers have been using this marketing strategy for years and can easily be applied to launching a new album. The genius giveaway encourages followers to follow certain pages, accounts, and even like or tag friends in a post. Some even encourage downloading an app. Regardless this tactic leaves the fans to do all the PR. Giveaways guarantee at least one username will win an Apple product or in this case a free 3-Year Spotify subscription, beats by Dre, and or AirPods.  Artists can get as creative as they want with their giveaways by gifting their fans something extraordinary.

Monetization: Monetization allows ads to be run on your videos, website, stream and or apps (if you have one). The display of ads generates revenue for the provider or in this case the artist. 

  • Streaming: It’s important when releasing to enable monetization features on streaming services such as YouTube. This will enable ads to be shown on your videos, hence you receiving a cut. Most of the time you can choose to monetize your YouTube videos through distributors such as Tunecore. Monetizing the streaming service for the virtual album release party will allow for profit.

  • Apps: Revenue from App downloads have annually increased globally by 23.4%. Another form of creating profit would be for the artist to develop an app for their virtual album release party similar to how Electric Zoo has developed an app for their annual venue release. Monetizing the app will generate further revenue.

  • Merch: Monetizing the merchandize website can bring another stream of revenue. You can also use affiliate links underneath all of your social platforms. A simple “swipe up” or featured link in the YouTube promo video can generate instant revenue. 

According to a case study by telescope, Ariana Grande’s virtual album release party was the marketing strategy that helped give Ariana the number 1 Album in the country with 'Sweetener'. She had an exclusive release party livestream from her home (leading up to the midnight release). When an artist allows the fans that pre-ordered their album to share the same experience as their closest friends and family, it builds a sense of trust and authenticity that can make the release that much more impactful.