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How Protest Concerts Shape The Music Industry & History Over Time

Believe it or not, music and politics seem to go hand in hand from the many protest concerts over time. Just this past year Walk The Moon, Santigold & more planned a free LA concert to Protest Banks' Role in Rainforest Destruction. Whether this was a paid event or not, promotion is still promotion and these artists partnered with Digital Bank to help spread the message. Creating partnerships with other organizations either in or outside of the music industry is still a promising venture financially.

Remember Trump’s inauguration? Well, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, The Dixie Chicks, Ice-T, Moby, and every local marching band in D.C. did not. These legends decided to organize a week long Anti-Inauguration Protest Concert. Needless to say, having a high-profile name can certainly be a great asset when it comes to raising funds for the organizations and institutions the Trump administration threatened to defund and dismantle. Many of these artists have already used their brand to form other partnerships and organizations to simultaneously expand their fanbase and drive social change.

From a digital marketing perspective, a protest concert is a great opportunity to become a part of something bigger than just music. Both owned and paid media channels can be used by the artist depending on the budget for the event. Also, a protest concert can either be a large scaled event with a lineup of high-profile artists or it can be just for your own band and your most favorite fans at your local public park. Regardless of the global pandemic, an Indie Rock Band in Washington D.C. called Rock Creek Kings took on the opportunity to organize safely permitted protest concerts for #SaveOurStages.

Being such strong advocates for #SaveOurStages, Rock Creek Kings were formally invited to perform at Pearl Street Warehouse when the venue was authorized to hold live stream events with a limited occupancy. The Indie Rock Band’s noble efforts to keep the music alive during these trying times was published in the Washington Post. It’s also safe to say that their consistent protest concerts all over D.C. as their own unique tour has helped them expand their fanbase where they were encouraged by their fans to post their music on Spotify. Their perseverance helped build their own audience and reputation while spreading positivity.

Ways to promote your Protest Concerts:

  1. Create your own flyers off of apps such as Canva which can easily adapt its shape for each social media platform. Create a style and logo that goes with your brand.

  2. Post your flyers on your owned social media channels and be sure to encourage your fans to wear a mask. Track the analytics of your social media posts.

  3. Be sure to offer a livestream for your event by either Instagram or Facebook, whichever your audience chooses to engage with your music the most. This method helps attract those watching to come out to the event and enjoy.

  4. Provide a post-event survey on which songs your fans would like to hear again. You can easily do this on your IG story & don’t forget to post their favorite songs to your music streaming platforms.

  5. Try to be consistent with your appearances and network with musicians or local venues to see if they’d like to sponsor your music or if you’d like to sponsor them.

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