Looking for influencers? Focus on engagement, not followers.

Updated: May 25, 2020

Looking for influencers to sponsor your brand? Focus on their engagement, not their followers. Since its inception social media platforms have made calculated moves towards monetizing their properties however possible - their largest sources of revenue coming from advertising dollars. As such, no longer are the days where a simple sponsored post by influencers with millions of fans produce millions of impressions nor spikes in conversions. Platforms have purposely decreased organic reach so that brands focus their budgets on media buying rather than influencer endorsements. A good rule of thumb to go by to calculate projected reach is the 10% rule, on average about only 10% of an influencers’ audience will be exposed to their organic posts - if the post doesn’t get great engagement, which it most likely will not. This means that brands have to do their due diligence to tap influencers who have meaningful equity in their space in order to make sure they can amplify their messaging and not go by the amount of followers that they have.

It’s important for brands to understand what their objectives are with influencer marketing - it’s most likely towards getting users to take some sort of action that will inevitably lead to their consumption or purchase of your product/service. In order to achieve this, another KPI must be achieved - authenticity. Users don’t want to feel like they’re being sold something, rather,

Influence amplifying message

they want to affirm that the trust they’ve placed within their influencer is well-put. They want to feel like the product/service would contribute real value to their lives, even if they don’t purchase it at that time. Admitely, this responsibility also falls on the influencer themselves on protecting their brand and keeping their fan base loyal. It is this exact partnership that I would look for in an endorsement. Another interesting outcome from working within limited reach has been the use case of micro-influencers. Intrinsic to their names, micro-influencers are authorities in their niche; and although they may not have the large amount of followers to classify them as traditional influencers, their specialized communities show great engagement and are usually more qualified audiences than your typically cold outreach. This means that not only will you be able to ensure that your sponsorship gets more engagement but the audiences themselves may be stakeholders in their space who could also promote your brand. This segment implies authenticity and will make sure that your brand is being talked about by the right people. Want a sure fire method that ensures your messaging is getting to your most valuable audiences? Support your organic efforts with paid digital efforts. If an influencer sponsors your product/service make sure you repurpose that content across all your paid channels so that you guarantee amplification. The endorsement will automatically carry clout and allow your advertising dollars to work harder. Whether this means boosting an influencer’s shout out or making sure it ends up being talked about by a blogger in your space, make sure you’re working smarter, not harder. If you need help finding that perfect influencer as well as amplifying your messaging through paid marketing, contact us. Our consultation is free and we’ll make sure your campaign cuts through the noise.