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Fear & Music

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

There are so many things that could deter one from putting the proper energy and time into launching their music career. Almost all can be avoided with the right mindset and techniques. More often than not when you think of a starting musician ,there's a stigma of uncertainty and lack of revenue . While that can be a slight road bump waiting to be fixed, it should not be the deciding factor that discourages you from getting your career started. Most of these factors that can scare someone away, all come from FEAR.

Whether it is a conscious fear or a subconscious fear , the reality is, fear is the number one factor to failed music careers. Fear of failure will stop you from applying yourself fully and never fulfilling your potential. A Lot of artists quit before they have even started due to exaggerated thoughts that are usually simply not true. It is natural to have doubts and fears, it is not efficient to let them cripple your growth.

One huge fear concerning new artists is the idea you most likely will be a starving artist. This is not a fair assumption if you are diligently working. You do not need to be a huge artist or a famous artist to earn a respectable revenue through your music career. Your skills sets add value to who you are and can be monetized in more ways than one. From song writing , song structure and helping other bands, there are several streams for revenue. The problem here is , people expect to be a starving artist which takes away from the motivation to actually do the work needed to monetize. With that mentality you are self fulfilling a prophecy opposite to your wants. Many people were discouraged by this stigma and decided to put music on the back burner while they obtain a degree. While a safety net is great it also implies you are playing not to lose, where you should be playing to win. There is money to be made no matter the Genre or the size of the fan base.

Another huge fear within new artists is the simple fear of not being good enough . They feel maybe they don't have enough talent compared to someone else or they don't have the right sound and therefore self sabotage the skills they do possess. Believing these thoughts you will lose your dedication to your craft. It will become easier to brush off any music related work and eventually find you have no desire for it anymore . It's ironic that your fear usually ends up being the cause of failure. It is said “your beliefs become your reality” so tailor your beliefs for success. If you believe no matter what, you CAN be successful, you will subconsciously find a way to do what needs to be done. Having a dedicated mindset will overcome any fears and force you to hone your skills ever more. Being prepared in all areas of your music career will help rid of those failure stories you play out in your head. Remember they are JUST STORIES.

Speaking of stories , here is a true one for you. I once knew a man who in fact I still know, who went from timid regular boy, to platinum producer/artist overnight. Granted we were young and still finding ourselves but the genius this man had roaming in that brain of his, had to be heard. He never believed his stuff was good let alone good enough, no matter what anyone told him after taking a listen. We had a few talks over the course of time and I could see he was actively trying to overcome this sense of not being worthy. Which all in all boils down to fear . He saw many new and upcoming artists thrive all around him and wondered if he just wasn't cut out for it . What i admired possibly the most, through all this fear and self doubt, he never stopped working. Through what he thought was useless hours something in him would force him to create.

Subconsciously he was fighting his fears by consistently not giving up no matter the struggle. He created so much till he finally made something that he himself could not doubt. He knew it was greatness and finally, what everyone else heard in his music he experienced for himself . His whole mindset changed yet again, now being secure with himself he was able to expand his content. Experimenting with sounds and producing content at a much faster rate. Pretty soon he forgot what it was to not believe in himself overcoming any fear that was delaying his success. He went on to make hits on hits, including 4x Platinum song with producer and writer credits. Can you guess the artist/producer? ( Hint : He went Platinum with ASAP Ferg.)

FEAR is an overwhelming feeling and can be very detrimental to building a career. What you want to do is manipulate that fear into motivation. Instead of the thought i am scared i will fail , that thought should be i am scared of failure. Tricking your brain into setting a goal that aligns with overcoming a fear. Your passion and dedication should not be affected by negative thoughts. As you start to learn more of your fears, you should be changing your mentality, thus breaking through what's holding you back.

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