• Ross Gassman

Case Study: Ecuador Vs. Colombia FIFA International Friendly

Updated: May 25, 2020


In October 2019, L1NEUP DIGITAL partnered with EMG Concepts to

deliver digital marketing strategy and implementation to effectively

promote the upcoming International FIFA friendly Ecuador vs.

Colombia taking place at the Red Bull Arena in New Jersey on November

19th. L1NEUP DIGITAL was RFPed 3 weeks prior to the

day of the game so a quick setup and deployment was necessary in

order to capture as much revenue as possible.

Ecuador Vs. Colombia FIFA


With a smaller budget, we decided to go only with Facebook and

Instagram ads to maximize our ad spend. We

strategically targeted all international soccer fans in the tri-state area as

well as the Ecuadorian and Colombian

population overall.

We knew the ads served had to be relevant to the end user in order to

capture the purchase so we carefully tailored the creative and copy

meaning to that end user meaning Ecuadorian fans would view ads of

Ecuadorian players and vice versa.

Targeting & Creative

case study fifa


With a pretty broad audience the creative served to this audience consisted of the flyer and promo video to generate overall awareness of the game.



Our most effective strategy in terms of

ROAS where we retargeted all

visitors of the event ticketing

page while also excluding

people that already made a

purchase. Here we served the

end user custom player videos

inviting them to the game giving

it a bit of a personal touch.

socia media marketing


We separated the Colombian and Ecuadorian populations so that their respective team creative was being served.


With a big pool of ticket purchasers, we were able to create an ad set that found people across Facebook and Instagram that had similarities to the customers that had purchased tickets to the game. Because of the broadness of the audience the creative served to this audience consisted of the flyer and promo video to generate overall interest of the game.



With a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 25.57 and 1,180 tickets sold, the FIFA International friendly at Red Bull Arena was an extremely successful campaign that exceeded the client’s goals. We attributed the success of the campaign to a number of important factors:

L1 Digital Advertising Agency

1. The unique fan experience associated with the event

By marketing the event as a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch a live FIFA match of this caliber, fans were more driven to purchase a ticket.

2. The carefully tailored targeting settings

This was one of the most important factors in the success of the campaign. By putting ourselves in fans shoes, we were able to find the correct consumers effectively driving the best results while not wasting dollars on uninterested consumers.

3. The quality of the creative assets used

We were provided and created a number of engaging and dynamic creatives that were shown at the right time, right place, and to the right consumer that effectively generated conversions.