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Bandsintown Helps Artists Fast Track Monetization On Twitch

For most up and coming artists, this year has certainly been a difficult time when it comes to building up a decent fan base. While some have taken an effort to maximize social media outreach, most are using the same platform to promote themselves during the pandemic - Twitch. 

Bandsintown, a data-driven platform where more than 530,000 artists utilize to promote events and engage in social media outreach with their fans, partnered up with Twitch to expedite rising artists’ eligibility to become a verified streamer on Twitch. 

One might ask, what’s so special about being an affiliated Twitch streamer? I actually wrote an article a few months back explaining Twitch’s success in becoming the major streaming platform for both the gaming and music industry. Even Microsoft announced the end of its streaming platform, Mixer, due to the low approval rate from users.

With Twitch’s user-friendly interface and efficient monetization platform, fans could subscribe to artist channels with monthly rates starting from $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99. Different tier subscription comes with custom emotes, ad-free interface, subscriber-only chat, and badges that provide a more intimate interaction between fans and streamers. Nonetheless, Twitch also has its own virtual currency (Bits) where superfans could give additional support by tipping their favorite streamers. 

Requirements to become an affiliated Twitch streamer include the following:

  1. Must accumulate 500 minutes broadcasted 

  2. More than 7 unique broadcast days

  3. An average of 3 viewers per stream

  4. Having more than 50 followers

These requirements seem easy to fulfill, but the hard part is that one has to simultaneously complete all four criteria over a 30-day period in order to qualify for the affiliate program.

The new partnership qualifies Bandsintown artists with more than 2000 followers to apply for the program. After the artist completed the required forms and created a twitch channel that links to their Bandsintown profile, it takes about two to five business days for Twitch’s Affiliation program to verify their request. 

That being said, this application bypasses the normal requirements listed above to being an affiliated Twitch streamer, shortening a month-long process to just a few days. Expedited approval to the affiliate program allows rising artists a chance to amplify their income during the pandemic, where concerts and festivals are on halt due to the coronavirus. 

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