AR & Advertising

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

AR is increasing in popularity throughout our culture and our content, we’re seeing it immerse itself into film, social media, and music. Augmented reality is mixing technology and live content to create a beautifully interactive world enhanced by computer-generated information whilst being visually stimulating; all in real-time!

As consumers, we are constantly attacked by advertisements left and right. It’s getting increasingly difficult to retain consumer attention. So how do you break headlines and have the most engaging content? How do you find new followers and fans? With AR. Memorable connection is the biggest way to get loyalty and attention from a new audience.

We’ve done our research so you don’t have to.

Below are some examples of ways to plug AR in with advertising in order to tell your story in more depth and by making it more personable for your following.

  1. Virtual AR Shows & Music Festivals

What is one of the best ways for a musician to connect with his fans? Through live shows. During every concert, you will always see phones out, capturing the experience. Well, live shows aren’t exactly happening right now. So what can we do? Even if fans can’t attend a concert or a music festival, musicians can stream the concert and add AR capabilities to make fans feel as though they’re there. This not only will maintain your visibility with followers but will also increase your relevancy with technology and trends.

Currently, companies such as MelodyVR, VRJam, Sansar, and others are revolutionizing the space. New AR and VR companies continue to emerge rapidly which means that growth is happening quickly and adoption for these new technologies is trending in the right direction.

2. Instagram Live

Another way to use AR is through your social media stories. AR is already starting to integrate heavily with social media, whether it’s through Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and more. Social media is a good platform to communicate with your followers and to tell your story in a creative way. It’s more personal. Enhance your videos to be more interactive and give your audience something new and engaging. Not only will AR enhance user engagement but it also has the potential for higher probability of re-shares depending on the creativity of it and how much users enjoy the interaction. Clearly everyone during quarantine has become an IG Live expert. So how are you going to stand out? AR integrations could help.

3.Traditional Advertising

What about traditional advertising? Do we bury it in a coffin and forget about it? No. AR can be used to enhance those mediums of advertising such as flyers, billboards, magazines, etc. Another idea could be to create an AR merchandising/marketing campaign. Musicians can advertise tour merch, flyers, etc. but enhance these advertisements with AR. How cool would that be to see a flyer for a concert and go to take a video or picture of it and then see it has AR integrations? Or to click on merch and see you can interact with the product you click on?

Take a look at this example from Zappar of an AR Michael Jackson scream poster.

Not too long ago AR capabilities were expensive and ROI was not justified. More and more, companies are making it easier for creators to develop their own AR at a much lower cost and measure returns.

Anything is possible - the world is your oyster, it just depends on how creative you can get.

If you need help with more ideas of how to integrate AR with your marketing campaign, email us at L1NEUP DIGITAL and we can help you build a strategy specifically designed to enhance for your brand. We got you.