• Ross Gassman

A Streaming Only Music Economy

Updated: May 25, 2020

With live events officially CANCELLED until 2021… we’re now in an environment where the industry will need to rely more heavily on recorded music revenue than ever before.

The recorded music and music streaming sector has taken center stage and is currently the most important revenue generator for artists. It’s time for artists and their teams to double down on streaming and figure out ways to significantly increase the streaming numbers in a streaming-only music economy.

Every song or album hits differently. There’s a number of different ways a release could blow up. It could happen from a particular playlist placement, blog write up, word of mouth, etc. But one thing is for sure. Investing time, money, and energy in a strong marketing, advertising, and creative campaign around the release is critical. It’s critical to the sustained success of a release giving it the necessary push it needs to not only peak off the release, but to continue to trend upwards for the following weeks which is as important, if not more important than the initial spike in streams.

The same way every song or album hits differently, developing a strong digital marketing strategy per release is its own unique beast. Right now, we have the opportunity now to innovate. CREATIVITY and CONTENT is KING in times like these. The same old hamster wheel release strategy will only be able to take a release so far and when your only source of income are your releases, the same old hamster wheel outcomes are no longer acceptable.

This means experimenting with new capabilities on platforms you already use as well as utilizing platforms not used before for promotion. For example, advertising on streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify or SoundCloud, creating AR filters on Snapchat, TikTok ads, or running sequencing ads on Facebook or Instagram. There’s a million creative digital marketing combinations that could be utilized. We’re not saying we’ve tested all million, but at L1NEUP DIGITAL, we’re leaving no stone unturned. It’s our GOAL to find a winning combination for you.

Below is a real-life example of a strong full-funnel marketing strategy and where CREATIVITY and CONTENT proves KING or should we say QUEEN 🐝. This strategy probably only applies to the top 1% of artists but it gives insight into Beyonce’s content strategy for the release of her album “Lemonade”. This is a prime example of how to generate massive buzz prior to launch, sustain significant streaming numbers after launch, and convert casual listeners into lifetime fans.

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Source: traptical.co

The time to innovate your music marketing strategy is now and at L1NEUP DIGITAL we’re committed to helping you achieve your music streaming goals.