8 Ways Artists Can Increase Their Online Presence

Developing an organic fanbase is probably the best thing you can do as an artist. Paying for fans should never be the strategy. Only when you have a solid base should you then consider paid amplification. Building a fanbase is no easy task and takes serious investment of time but gaining an online presence can be easy as long as you invest your time into credible platforms. Below we discuss 8 ways artists can increase their online presence to build a fanbase.

  1. Choose 1 moniker and use it for every social media platform you have. Always spell your moniker the same way throughout. This is critical so Google has better chances of finding you through their search engine.

  2. Choose an eye catching profile photo. Your choice reflects the authenticity of your brand and this is imperative.

  3. Try holding down your domain name and create your official websites. Don’t forget to set up your brand’s email address.

  4. Use YouTube titles with relevant keywords according to your brand and what is currently happening today. Make your music resonate with your audience by engaging in the moment.

  5. Hire someone on Fiverr or Freeeup to make high quality lyric videos or high animations of your music.

  6. Sign up for Feature.fm to create music smart links & pre-saves for your “link in bio” on your social media. This helps track your engagement, collect fan data, and send people to the preferred platforms of their choice.

  7. Publish your own press release by using Goodnoon or TheHoth because this will help you gain traction on Google.

  8. As soon as you see your moniker name pop up on Google be sure to claim it and add your own photos, social links, and your personal biography.